GameDayZone - Game Day Zone never delivered the product

Arlington, Virginia 1 comment
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I ordered a watch on January 7th. I received a confirmation receipt and then nothing. They don't answer my e-mails, their voice mail is full, and when I check the status of my order the status is blank. The whole thing feels like a scam, are they even a real company?

Shipping and processing was only supposed to take 9 business days maximum, but it's January 30th and I still have no idea where my product is.

My money simply vanished. This is horrible service. I've lost $43, hopefully I can get it back through paypal.

Review about: Online Order.



Did Paypal ever reimburse you?I'm going through the same thing with this scam company.

The company won't return my phone calls or emails.

The BBB gives them a "F" rating.Should have did my homework prior to ordering.

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